New Permit Could Push Back Completion Date for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction

A recent permit filed with the state by The Nassal Company has a new expiration date for their work on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new date is December 26, 2019.

Before we get too far down Speculation Road, let’s examine what this means.

  1. The expiration date is a typo. It lists a date that is exactly 3 months, to the day, later than other permits surrounding the project. It’s possible that someone entered “December” instead of “September”. Since the first permit was spotted for work on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, subsequent permits filed on the project have all had an expiration date of September 26, 2019. Other blogs have just recently picked up on this date, but here’s our story from over a year ago.
  2. The expiration date is correct, but the work will be completed long before then. It’s important to realize what an expiration date on a permit is. While it does shed light on the timeline of a project, it’s not a reliable source for exact completion dates. It just means the work has to be done by then.
  3. The expiration date is correct, and the work will be ongoing into late 2019. This is a worst-case scenario for both Disney and their fans. If the date is correct, and there has been some delay in the project that would lead to a late 2019 completion date, that could mean we won’t step inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge until early 2020, missing the 2019 opening date that Disney has already announced.

As for us, we hope it’s scenario #1.

Keep it here for continuing coverage of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge over the coming years.

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