As part of the new style, Disney has introduced an interchangeable inner “puck” in every MagicBand 2.0. In addition to their use in MagicBands, Disney has debuted accessories that the puck can be installed in called MagicKeepers. The first MagicKeeper has popped up at Animal Kingdom and we’ve got a look at the accessory itself and the installation process. It retails for $12.99.

In the package is the MagicKeeper, a screwdriver, and two screws.

The back of the MagicKeeper pops open (with some effort), allowing you to install the puck found in your MagicBand.

The MagicKeeper comes with screws, so I would keep the screws in the MagicBand with that specific MagicBand if you want to move the puck back.

Here are a look at the other MagicKeepers announced. Currently only the Mickey and Minnie MagicKeepers are available. We weren’t able to find the one with the carabiner.

We’ll be using it over the next few days to try and rate its usefulness, but it’s hard to imagine anything more convenient than a MagicBand.