VIDEO: Check out the pre-show for the Flight of Passage attraction in Pandora – The World of Avatar

Last week we had the opportunity to tour the standby line for the new Flight of Passage E-ticket ride in Pandora – The World of Avatar. While we weren’t able to ride last week, we did get a chance to ride this week as part of the first day of Annual Passholder previews. While we gather our thoughts on the ride itself, here’s video of the pre-show.

To set the scene a bit, you will have already walked through the extensive queue if you choose to experience the attraction via standby, or arrived via FastPass+ to the queues that we start in for the video below.

Once you arrive at the end of the queue, you are sorted into one of four doors (or theaters), to experience the attraction. The first of two holding rooms that you’ll experience is the genetic matching room.

In order to proceed, you must be scanned for Pandoran micro-parasites. Unfortunately, you have them from your trek around the land. A decontamination process occurs and you’re clean! After and explanation of how we link to the Avatar, we learn a little bit more about the concept of keystone species and why the Pandora Conservation Initiative chose to focus on the banshee. After that, it’s time to scan your genetic code and link you to your very own Avatar before heading to the next room.

The second of two holding rooms is where you pick up your 3D flight goggles and hear a little more about the rite of passage you’re about to undertake from Dr. Ogden herself. It’s here that you also get an explanation of the seating process and technique, before getting on the ride.

You’ll face many challenges and thrills on Flight of Passage, but it’s important to remember the uplifting Na’vi phrase Sivako, which means “rise to the challenge”!


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