PHOTOS: Exterior of The Edison Nearly Complete at Disney Springs

Work has progressed nicely on the exterior of The Edison since we last took a look at it in late March. The Edison will be themed to a 1920s-era electric company, and take inspiration from its sister location in Los Angeles. The Edison is the brick-covered building in the following photos.

Attached to The Edison is an art deco building that has a yet-to-be-announced tenant. Thought to be a restaurant/lounge called “Walt’s Place”, Disney Springs hasn’t gotten around to putting out a name just yet. Regardless of what it will be titled, the building looks great and even contains a component that passes under the walkway in what looks to be a tunnel of sorts.

We’re very excited for both locations! The Edison has had a floating opening date. Originally scheduled to open at the end of last year, it was pushed to earlier this year, and finally “Late 2017”.


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