Some of the Epcot 35 merchandise has already been released at Mouse Gear! With a lot of different merchandise expected for the celebration, it was nice to already see some out.

UPDATE (9/30): Some more Epcot 35th Anniversary merchandise has been added ahead of the celebration tomorrow.

There is a lanyard pouch with charm ($8.99).

A new D-Tech phone case featuring Figment is also available ($29.99).

A new hoodie, with full pull-down zipper is also new ($59.99).

A new bag and tee have been added. They match in color and design with a retro-inspired look to them. The proceeds of the bag benefit the Disney Conservation Fund. The bag is $5.99 and the tee is $36.99.

UPDATE (9/25): A new hoodie and tee have been released. The hoodie ($42.99) has Epcot 35 on the front, and on the left sleeve has the Epcot Center Pavilion logos! The tee ($34.99) has Epcot 35 on the front, and of the back, the logo takes up the entire space.

Here are the shirts that have been released. Both Figment tees seem to have a Women’s cut and neckline and are $29.99 each.

This grey and purple Epcot Center logo shirt is $24.99 and is an Adult tee. 

The blue Epcot Center 35 ($19.99) shirt as well as the multi-colored 35 Epcot Center ($32.99) have a great vintage-inspired vibe with the ringed sleeves and neckline.

The orange Epcot 35 shirt ($24.99) has the logo printed on the sleeve and features the original colors that were once used.

And to keep warm in the upcoming months, this Spaceship Earth 35 sweatshirt ($34.99) is a great nod to the classic attraction and icon.

Along with the shirts, the awesome Epcot Center Pavilion Logo mug ($13.99), a logo hat ($21.99), visor ($19.99), and beautiful metal ornament ($16.99) have also been released!  


We were told that the MagicBand and other merchandise will be released October 1. We will keep an eye out for any other items released between now and then. In the meantime, be sure to check on the Disney Parks App for merchandise as well!