List of All Future World Closures and Dates Announced for Epcot Overhaul Project

    Disney has just announced a lot of closures for Future World locations at Epcot. It’s likely worth noting that the closures of so many Future World locations is to be expected. Back in 2017, Disney announced that there would be a Future World overhaul and they released some Blue Sky (read: very early stages) concept art that shows a huge shift in the Future World skyline. Here’s the Blue Sky concept art they released.

    From food to merchandise to character meet and greets, here’s a list of all of the closures that have been announced.

    Mouse Gear – Refurbishment Later This Year

    Mouse Gear, Disney’s largest merchandise location in Epcot, will be closing later this year. Disney has not announced an official date and internal calendars have times listed through December. It will move to a temporary location this winter as the current location gets a “reimagining”. Note that Disney did not say this location will be closed permanently, it will be remodeled.

    Fountain of Nations – Closing September 8th

    The now-iconic Fountain of Nations will be closing on September 8th. This is listed as a permanent closure as a part of Epcot’s reimagining.

    Electric Umbrella – Closing This Winter

    Electric Umbrella, the popular Future World quick service location, will close this winter. The closure will be permanent, with a variety of food and beverage options opening in Epcot’s transformational future.

    Pin Central – Closing September 8th

    Pin Central, Epcot’s premier pin trading and purchasing location, will close on September 8th. Pin Central will be moving to Camera Center early next year.

    Camera Center – Closing Later This Year

    Camera Center will be closing later this year, set to return early next year with offerings from Pin Central. When it reopens early next year, it will be the new home of Pin Central.

    Innoventions East – Closing September 8th

    The entire Innoventions East pavilion will be closing on September 8th. This includes the two remaining exhibits – Colortopia and Nanooze Break.

    The SpectacuLAB is already closed. To watch the full, debut show of The SpectacuLAB, check out our post from opening day.

    Character Spot – Temporary Closure September 8th

    Character Spot, the popular character meet and greet location, is set to close permanently on September 8th. The characters that currently meet in Character Spot will be relocated, temporarily, as work in the central spine of Epcot takes place.

    Here’s a look at where the characters will be found after Character Spot closes.

    • While new locations are being developed for Mickey Mouse and Goofy, they will temporarily appear in Innoventions West.
      • In the near future, Mickey Mouse will move to an all-new location in the Imagination! Pavilion. 
      • Goofy will venture out into the park—and soon will find a new home. Minnie Mouse will move into the World Showcase Gazebo.
    • Daisy Duck will move to The American Adventure.
    • Joy will move soon too—to a joyous new home.
    • Winnie the Pooh will greet Guests at Christopher Robin’s bedroom in the United Kingdom pavilion

    Fountain View Starbucks – Closing Later This Year

    The Starbucks location in Epcot, Fountain View, will be closing later this year. Disney has announced that Starbucks would move to a temporary location in late Fall.

    Club Cool – Closing September 8th

    Club Cool, the unique Coca Cola sampling location, will be closing on September 8th. Club Cool will reopen in a new capacity at a future merchandise location.

    Art of Disney – Closing September 8th

    Art of Disney, an art lovers paradise, is closing September 8th. Heritage Manor in The American Adventure will become the new home of Art of Disney at a later date.

    Heritage Manor – Closing September 8th

    Heritage Manor will be closing on September 8th to become the new home of Art of Disney.

    Of course, all of these closures are just the beginning for the Epcot central spine overhaul project. We’re also watching the Leave a Legacy and Epcot entrance overhaul projects as well. Disney will announce more details about Epcot’s future at the D23 Expo in August.

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    1. When it says it is closing on Sept 8th, is that the last day to visit the attractions and will be open? Or will it be Saturday Sept 7th?

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