We continue our tour around Disney’s Hollywood Studios with a look at the new entrance for Toy Story Land. Soundstage 4, the building that formerly hosted The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, has been nearly completely demolished to make way for the new land entrance.

First, let’s take a look at the Toy Story Land model to get our bearings. The entrance can be seen in the lower right of the following photo. The green building to the left is the Toy Story Mania building.

Back to the Soundstage 4 demolition. The corridor between Walt Disney Presents (on the right) and Toy Story Mania (on the left) has been cleared. This is where Soundstage 4 used to stand.


There is mainly just scaffolding remaining.

A look back.

We can also see into Toy Story Land a bit. For a better look, we took to the air recently.

Toy Story Land is scheduled to open Summer 2018.