There is some new merchandise in The Emporium for the upcoming film Coco!

First up is Miguel, with a Dia de los Muertos inspired removable mask, $24.99.

There are two versions of Dante available. The first looks to be a Dia de los Muertos inspired look, and the second is a plain look, $24.99 each.

Hector is a trickster who appears to mortals in the shape of a skeleton, $24.99.

Pepita is an Alebrije, or fantastical creature, $24.99.

This was an interesting piece of merchandise. The Hacienda Playset, $24.99, works with a line of “Skullectables”, which are separately sold figures. The Hacienda Playset has one (1) Skullectable included.

“Seize the Moment” mug, $15.99.

Child sweater and pants set, $36.99.

Ernesto tee shirt, $34.99.

“Mama Knows Best” tee shirt, $32.99.

Two different pins are available, $9.99 each.

A two-sided display sign represents the living world and the Land of the Dead.

Coco hits theaters November 22nd.

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