Permits filed with the state have revealed the building layout and Ratatouille attraction details as part of the France expansion at Epcot. Let’s dive in.

The project is referred to as “Project MI”.

Here’s an overview of the France expansion. The large black box is the new Ratatouille attraction show building. It appears that a corridor will be used to the right of the current France facades to create a pathway to the expansion. The chunk of white space in the middle of the permit represents the existing France pavilion.

Here’s a closer look at the path we believe will lead guests past an existing backstage gate, around the right of the existing France pavilion, and eventually behind the pavilion to the expansion space.

As guests make a left turn towards the Ratatouille attraction, there will be a restroom to their right.

A straight path should provide a beautiful reveal of the Ratatouille attraction facade, ending at what appears to be a large fountain. It’s likely that the back of the existing France pavilion buildings will end up being themed to provide an immersive corridor here.

A closer look at the Ratatouille attraction entrance area and fountain shows that there will be a secondary building that will provide an exterior queue.

Finally, an overview of the Ratatouille attraction show building, exterior queue, and fountain plaza.

Can’t wait? Us either! That said, here’s our latest look at the construction progress. It’s just land clearing at this point.

Here’s a look back at our original overview of the permit and satellite view. This should give you a better idea of where all this work is taking place.

Ratatouille will open by 2021 at Epcot.

As always, stick with us for the latest in permit news and aerial construction photos as we continue to watch progress on the expansion.

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