REVIEW: “The Diablo” Burger of the Month at The Edison in Disney Springs

The first day of the month means a new Burger of the Month at The Edison in Disney Springs. On tap this month is The Diablo Burger, a 10oz patty loaded with spicy ingredients, but does it live up to its name?

The Diablo Burger – $24

The Diablo Burger is a 10oz burger topped with fried egg, jalapeños, salsa and cotija cheese.

Our review of April’s burger of the month came down hard on the patty itself, but I’m happy to report that the patty we were served today was much better. We always order our burgers at medium and this came out wonderfully cooked with some juiciness. As far as the “spicy” is concerned, it’s muted.

A cluster of salsa sits at the middle of the burger that supplies some kick, but not enough to earn a name like Diablo. Even the fried pepper didn’t add much in terms of overall heat.

The fried egg was nice, but aided in neutralizing any spicy that was present. All in all, with the lamb burger priced lower and tasting better, not to mention D-Luxe Burger within walking distance, May’s burger of the month at The Edison falls short and earns a pass.


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