Storybook Circus FastPass+ to rest area refurbishment complete

The refurbishment of the FastPass+ area in Storybook Circus into a rest area has now been completed. The area now features picnic benches, couches, benches, charging outlets, water fountains, and even a fun house mirror! Disney has done a great job of sticking to the existing theming while providing a great place to relax. The fans in the tent provide a good amount of air when seated in the right areas. I imagine that they will add larger ones as the area becomes more popular. While it is a covered area, Disney might have an issue with some of the perimeter furniture when it rains. For those of you that need a mid-day charge of your device, they have 3 different charging locations. There are 6 normal outlets and 4 USB outlets in each station. They are currently open outlets, unlike the phone charging stations in Tomorrowland that require a credit card swipe.
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With the removal of the FastPass+ kiosks, the nearest kiosks are now near Mickey’s PhilharMagic. This was by far the least crowded FastPass+ location in the Magic Kingdom, and CM’s say that closing this location won’t make a very big impact at all. As I was taking my pictures I saw a few families asking about the kiosks and they didn’t seem too bothered by their removal.
Overall, I would consider this an upgrade to the area. It provides a nice spot for parents to relax, while giving kids just enough to look at and explore. So grab a frozen drink from Big Top Souvenirs and recharge both your family and phone.
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