Disney is testing a new (but similar to past tests) standby procedure for the Anna and Elsa Meet and Greet in Princess Fairytale Hall. The test will run from September 22 – September 25. Here’s how the test will go:

The Standby queue will be allowed to fill up to a 60 minute wait. After that time, guests will be directed away from the queue and to a FastPass+ kiosk, or they can use their My Disney Experience app, to schedule a FastPass+ time for later that day. Once the allotment is gone, you will not be able to meet Anna and Elsa.

It is important to note that an abundance of FastPass+ times will be made available for the current day only once the standby queue fills up. As of this writing there are FastPass+ times available for the meet and greet today, so it appears that Disney has indeed released quite a few times.

This test is similar to the one that was run back in July. Note that this test will only run for the next four days. After that, Disney will evaluate the results and could implement it, if it proved to be successful.



Credit: TakingTheFloridaPlunge



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