The recent refurbishment and creation of new roots at the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has brought some pretty cool and impressive sculptures. One of the most overlooked details may be right under you!

Located on the left side of the new, expanded Tree of Life root system is a root that looks more like a place to sit than a fun and creative use of space. Check out the unassuming piece of root below:

Tree of Life root detail6

If you look closer you’ll notice holes throughout the piece of root, no doubt caused by the mighty termite (yes, the same one from the It’s Tough To Be A Bug¬†show located in the Tree of Life). Inside these holes is a whole world of insects and other creepy crawlies for you to discover! Check out some of the creatures below:

Tree of Life root detail5 Tree of Life root detail4 Tree of Life root detail3 Tree of Life root detail2 Tree of Life root detail1

If peeking through a tiny hole to find creepy crawlies isn’t your thing, just walk around to the back of the root where the whole village of creatures can be seen.

Tree of Life root detail7

Overall, the change to the front of the Tree of Life is a welcome one. It gives the area a much more open feel and added root sculptures are always a plus. Combine that with a cool little detail like some hidden bugs and this is a great example of Imagineers “plussing” an area.

Thanks to @cronofire5 for the tip!


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