This past Friday marked the first day of Star Wars Weekends and the first day that the Rebel Hangar was open to guests. Here’s our review of the experience and food. (Keep reading until the end for a special offer!)

Using, we were able to secure a reservation at 6:45pm. We arrived 15 minutes prior and were given a pager. It went off right at our reservation time of 6:45.

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Here’s a look at the Rebel Hangar menu. You aren’t going to find a full meal in the traditional sense, but that doesn’t mean you won’t leave full. The portions are generally good sized for a lounge. Prices are in line or a dollar or two more than you’d expect.

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Personally, I thought the food was good; again, for a lounge. One thing to note is that it is a table-service, sit-down experience. That means that you’re going to get your own table and waiter or waitress to bring you your meals. We ordered the Lightsaber Bites, The Dark Fried, Chips and Sith, and The Sith and The Jedi sampler.

The meals were generally good with the Chips and Sith being the table favorite. It has been a while since I’ve had waffles, but the Vader waffles were the best I can remember having. Agian, not sure if it’s just been a while or the mix was really good, but I enjoyed it.

We didn’t have any drinks due to being locals and trying to spread out our Star Wars Weekends experience as much as possible over the next few weekends. I did see other tables get the drinks and they looked good! For a single drink between $9 and $15, you’d expect to be able to keep the X-Wing light-up ice cubes and you do get to keep them. We’ll be drinking around Star Wars Weekends over the next few weekends, so keep an eye out for pics and reviews here and on our Social Media channels.

Here’s a look at our meals:

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At the root of this experience is, of course, Star Wars Weekends. The Rebel Hangar is decorated with many of the items you’d expect to see in an abandoned starship hangar — located in a galaxy far, far away. The once abandoned port is now a hangout for Rebel pilots, aliens, bounty hunters, and smugglers. Here are some pictures of the space:

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Who shot first?!



Special Offer

For all you Star Wars fans, Star Wars Weekends is one of the best times of year. As I write this, I’m already planning on heading out this afternoon to spend some more time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Rebel Hangar has proven to be a popular dining choice this year and we were only able to get a table on opening night thanks to WDW Table Finder is a service that allows you to set up a watch on your favorite dining experiences around Walt Disney World and sends you a text or email alert when one opens up! In celebration of Star Wars Weekends kicking off, you can enter code “SWW2015” for a discount on ALL levels of membership! Enter the code here.




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