Pandora may still be a year or more away, but there’s plenty to see from inside (and outside) of Animal Kingdom already. Let’s take a look at the latest construction.

Pandora is hard to miss. Here’s what it looks like from just inside the toll plaza.


Upon closer inspection of the picture, we can not only see the show building, but also the back of the facade. I’m assuming both of these issues will be addressed as work progresses, but then again, a large portion of the Expedition Everest show building is visible from the parking lot too.


Here’s a look at the main mountains from the parking lot.


You will be able to see quite a bit of Pandora from the main entrance touch points, assuming there aren’t trees or other shrubbery placed on top of the guest services building.


From this angle we can make out two floating mountains.

PandoraMountains_02162016-14 PandoraMountains_02162016-15

Sleuthing discovered a third floating mountain. It looks to be placed far back on the show building, and can only be seen from a single point so far.


Now for some pictures of the detail work. It looks to me like they’re working back to front, with more detail being visibleĀ in the facades further back, and less detail in the facades further “forward” as it relates to the layout of the land.

PandoraMountains_02162016-6 PandoraMountains_02162016-5 PandoraMountains_02162016-4 PandoraMountains_02162016-3 PandoraMountains_02162016-2

One of the entrances to Pandora will be near Pizzafari and the new Tiffins signature dining location. Pizzafari is in the center of this picture, with the walkway leading to Africa on the right, and the walkway to Pandora on the left.


A closer look at Tiffins and some Pandora wall art.


We can’t wait to step into Pandora sometime next year, but in the meantime we’ll keep a close eye on the construction progress.

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  1. It’s fun comparing photos of the progress to the model shown at D23. It’s becoming easy to see the layout of the land.

  2. Not to be negative, I think this will be a great addition to the park when it finally is complete, but they have taken too long to build this. They can’t take this long to build Star Wars and Toy Story. 2-3 years should be plenty of time to finish.


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