Animal Kingdom photo update: Pandora, Rivers of Light, and Tiffins (3/19/16)

We made it out to Animal Kingdom this morning before the storms rolled in to take a look at the progress on a variety of projects.


First up, Pandora.

Here’s the view from the entrance touch points.

AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-1 AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-2 AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-3 AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-4

Some of the work being done near the back of the ride building.


Looks like some painting or touch-ups were being done this morning.

AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-6 AnimalKingdom_Pandora_03192016-8

A kind of blurry look at the various stages of vine work. The white cables look like an exposed vine while the one beneath it looks to have some texture applied.


Adding some foliage to the top of one of the mountains.


One of the smaller mountains has what appears to be completed vine work to hide the underlying structure. It’s worth it to note that this mountain may not even be visible from within the land or from the angle that we took the picture from.


A decent look at the texture applied to the back of what is rumored to be a restroom. That said, it looks good and will fit in with Animal Kingdom nicely. We can see the mess hall restaurant in the far background of the photo.


Next up is Rivers of Light construction. First, let’s take a lap around the lake to check out some of the details on the buildings.

AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-3 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-4 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-5 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-6 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-7 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-8 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-12 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-26 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-25AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-20 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-21 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-18 AnimalKingdom_RiversOfLight_03192016-19

Temporary walls have popped up near the Thirsty River Bar next to Expedition Everest.


We can see what appears to be an entrance directly across from the Finding Nemo Theater.


An overview of the two seating areas. Capacity will be around 5,000.

Full size:

Full size:

A quick look at Tiffins shows nice progress. It’s scheduled to open this Spring.

AnimalKingdom_Tiffins_03192016-1 AnimalKingdom_Tiffins_03192016-2

On the way out, we can see construction of what appears to be a more permanent structure for the temporary drop off location.


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