Disney is now testing premium parking at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Guests, if they so feel inclined, can pay an additional $15 to get access to the Jafar and Amaze parking lots at the Ticket and Transportation Center and Epcot respectively.

MK_jafar Epcot_amaze

Doing some quick measurements with Nearmap, we can see in the extreme cases this could save you up to 3 football fields worth of walking. In a more practical matter, it won’t save you more than a minute or two of walking, especially if you add trams into the equation.

At $35 total (or just the $15 if parking is included in your ticket type), it’s a steep price for very little value added. It’s worth noting that there will be no change whatsoever for handicap parking spots.

Neither Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios are taking part in this test.

So what do you think? Will you be utilizing premium parking on your next trip to Walt Disney World?


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