New images from the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot

The Royal Sommerhus (pronounced Sommer-hooos), is the upcoming Meet & Greet location for Anna & Elsa in the Norway pavilion in Epcot. It is the cabin that Anna and Elsa used to retreat to with their family during summers.

We got an official first look at some of the detailing going on behind the walls.

Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-1 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-8 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-9 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-2

Here are some of the details inside the cabin.

Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-5 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-3 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-4 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-6 Epcot_RoyalSummerhus_04192016-7

Disney has said that their team has tried to keep the construction as true to the country of Norway as possible. Even going so far as to sending them to Trondheim, Norway to find the cabin that inspired the facade.

The Royal Sommerhus and Frozen Ever After, the new boat ride that replaced Maelstrom, are scheduled to open “this Summer”.

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