We just got off of the new Frozen Ever After ride in the Norway pavilion in Epcot. If you’d prefer to go into your next visit to Epcot spoiler free, turn back, back to the homepage.


The queue, once you finally get indoors, is a well detailed trip through a courtyard and Oaken’s Tokens and Sauna.

The courtyard itself contains a few authentic Norwegian facades that you walk past a couple times in a switchback queue.

FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-3 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-17 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-4 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-12 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-19 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-1FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-2FrozenEverAfter_06222016-20

You then enter Oaken’s Tokens and Sauna. It’s quite obvious that Oaken has collected many different items that he’s willing to sell you, once he gets out of the sauna of course.

FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-5 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-15 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-16 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-8 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-9 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-10 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-11 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-6 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-7 FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-18FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-13


Here are some pictures that we were able to grab!

FrozenEverAfterQueue_06222016-14FrozenEverAfter_06222016-21FrozenEverAfter_06212016-1FrozenEverAfter_06222016-23 FrozenEverAfter_06212016-2FrozenEverAfter_06222016-24FrozenEverAfter_06212016-3 FrozenEverAfter_06212016-4 FrozenEverAfter_06212016-5 FrozenEverAfter_06212016-7FrozenEverAfter_06222016-22

My hot take is that Frozen Ever After is a really well done ride where Imagineering was able to show off their near perfection of the audio-animatronic that they introduced with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Frozen Ever After replaces Maelstrom, which closed on October 5, 2014.


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