In a short video put out by D23, we got a glimpse of Pandora construction via a timelapse.

Of course, we wouldn’t be decent bloggers if we didn’t download the video and extract the frames to check out the progress.

In this first frame, we can see the formation of the large show building in the background as well as a concrete foundation for one of the largest “mountains” to sit on. We can also see temporary, all black supports, in the center right of the picture.


As construction progressed, we were able to see the formation of the central mountain as well as some vines coming out of the right side to connect to yet-to-be-built mountains.


This next photo is actually taken around the time that we started to post update photos to the blog. In the photo, we’re able to see the framing of the new mountains going into place. We can also spot the construction of one of the floating mountains taking place in the bottom left of the picture. We’ve also attached our photo, where you can see the framing and temporary support it sits on.


In the next photo, we can see them placing the mountain on the existing framing.


Here’s another photo that lined up with one of our updates. It looks like the tarp went up to allow them to paint the “vines”


Scaffolding goes up to add the rockwork to the mountains.


The final frame of the timelapse shows a much increased rockwork on the ground and a progression on the mountain facades.



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