Pandora – The World of Avatar Attractions Accessibility

    We’ve spoken quite a bit about the attractions, food, and atmosphere of Pandora, but one thing we haven’t touched on yet is the accessibility of the attractions. Here are the procedures are for each of the attractions.

    Flight of Passage

    Both rides require a transfer to the ride vehicle. For Flight of Passage, you are able to take an ECV and wheelchair through the queue up to the first pre-show video. The first room will not be able to accommodate an ECV due to the turns that need to be made. At that point, you can transfer to an attraction-specific chair.

    This chair allows the guest to be navigated through the two pre-show rooms and to the ride vehicle. It’s at this point that the guest will need to transfer into the ride vehicle. The level of the seat of the chair can be adjusted vertically to best accommodate the guest transferring to the ride vehicle. We were told that each level of each theater can be used for a transfer. For the time being, Cast are using the lower levels of the theaters. After you are done with the attraction, there are elevators that can be used as needed.

    In addition to the accessibility information, we also asked working Cast what their real world experience was with regards to guests not fitting into the ride vehicle due to size and shape restrictions. We were told that roughly one in sixteen, or 6.25% of guests were unable to fit and couldn’t ride. This number will likely go down once a test link chair is placed outside the attraction.

    Na’vi River Journey

    Just like Flight of Passage, guests are required to transfer to the ride vehicle. We saw steps that can be used to assist guests into the ride vehicle.

    Guests have also told us of a similar device that doesn’t have steps. It’s likely that there are multiple devices and Disney is able to use the one that best assists the guest in boarding the reed boat. There is no wheelchair accessible boat.

    We hope this article provides some clarity on what to expect on your trip. We’ll be sure to update the article should procedures or information change.

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