We made it out to Hollywood Studios yesterday to check on the progress of Star Wars Land. Work on the First Order Battle Escape attraction show building is now visible from two locations within the park. The first, and most obstructed view, is from the Pixar Place dead-end near the Toy Story Midway Mania exit.

Moving towards the former Streets of America area, we first noticed the work being done on the facades that have made the cut.

The facades are receiving a fresh coat of paint.

Nearby, the former Writers Stop facade is completely behind scrims as work takes place.

A little difficult to see, but it appears that the facade, or portions of it, are gutted.

Turning our attention down the street, we can see the same First Order Battle Escape show building popping up over the walls.

For reference, here’s the building as seen from the air a few days ago. Courtesy of @bioreconstruct.

A look down the former Streets of America from roughly the same angle that we shot from on the ground
An overview of the work



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