While most of the work that can be seen from inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios of the former Streets of America facade is centered around the new paint scheme, from the air we can see that curbs are starting to be formed.

Directing your attention to the right side of the photo, we can see that the area near the former Writers Stop has some new curbing and low walls. The rumor is that the area will feature a spot to grab food in some capacity. Whether that means a snack window, quick service, or something more remains to be seen.

The rest of the former Streets of America area will reportedly become a themed area that may resemble the facades at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There is little else planned for the area. Ultimately, this area is meant to serve as a transition between Hollywood Studios proper and the new Star Wars Land via a tunnel currently represented in the form of concrete walls on the left side of these images.

Rumors point to this area reopening to guests as early as this Fall.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this area both from the air and on the ground.



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