Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to be the name of Star Wars Land?

    Has Disney inadvertently unveiled the name for Star Wars Land? A peek through the source code of the Disney Parks Blog shows the name as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The name would line up with the background storyline of a planet in the Outer Rim where smugglers, rogue traders and adventurers can be found traveling between the frontier and uncharted space.

    Seeing this name floating in the source code on an official Disney site leads us to believe that this will be the name for the new lands and possibly unveiled in the Parks and Resorts D23 panel on Saturday at 3pm PST.


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    1. […] Blog Mickey has just uncovered a rather interesting description in the source code of the Disney Parks Blog that contains this little nugget: “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Announced as Name for Star Wars Lands at Disney parks.” If accurate, and if it means what it pretty obviously is intended to, then the official, real, honest-to-goodness name for Star Wars Land will be, of course, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. […]

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