A new Varsity-inspired line has made its debut at the Parks! The collection features mugs, apparel, and accessories. Check out the items below.

The first mug has Cinderella Castle on one side, and WDW 1971 with Mickey on the other. This mug also has the vintage Walt Disney World “D” icon on the top of the handle. $17.99 

The second mug created also has WDW on one side and Mickey on the other. The bonus feature about this mug id the 1971 pennant just on the inside on the mug’s rim! It’s a great added detail. $15.99

This glass tumbler/cup includes a blue glass lid with it. $19.99

Although it’s difficult to see in the image, the shot glass says WDW 71 and has Mickey’s head in the middle with CREW underneath him. $9.99

A great item in the line is the new fan pack which contains a pennant, button, and sticker! $19.99

There’s also a pillow with Mickey featured on the front, and a collage of images on the back. $29.99

A throw is also available with the main graphic as Mickey holding a flag. $42.99

This WDW Crew tee is a scoop neck and is $34.99. 

This Walt Disney World blue striped tee seems to be in a Women’s cut and is $36.99. 

A zipped hoodie is also available and contains two pockets at the bottom. $54.99


Pants are also available and are very soft. Almost like pajama pants. It has WDW on the left pant leg and Mickey on the top right pant leg. $39.99

This shirt has the same design as the glass tumbler/cup from above. I’m glad that they make it into a shirt as well because I love the design and colors on it! $39.99

This blue tank top looks to be a Men’s cut and is $29.99

This shirt offers a faded blue color and texture to it and has a patch over the left chest and WDW 1971 on the bottom right of the tee. $34.99

This simple sweatshirt offers the vintage “D” logo again as well as Mickey. $49.99

This great Letterman jacket is the perfect vintage-inspired piece in the collection. $64.99

The yellow WDW CREW hat is $21.99. 

Both of these long sleeved Men’s shirts are $39.99. 

We found this collection at Mouse Gear, but be sure to check out Emporium as well!


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