PHOTOS: Sneak Peek at Toy Story Land Elements Found in Disneyland Paris

We kick off our Disneyland Paris coverage today with a comparison between Walt Disney Studios park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Specifically, Toy Story Playland and the upcoming Toy Story Land.

Disneyland Paris has two theme parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios park. Walt Disney Studios park is similar in concept to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so it’s only fitting that there will be lands devoted to the Toy Story franchise in both parks by the end of 2018. While walking Toy Story Playland in Walt Disney Studios park, we noticed elements that will be used in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

First, it’s important that we note that Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios park and Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be very different. Here’s a look at the map of Toy Story Playland and the concept art of Toy Story Land.

As you may be able to make out, the attractions are completely different, leading to a more robust looking land for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While Toy Story Playland in Paris proved to be a bit of a let down, there are many elements that will be duplicated in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Let’s take a look!

To assist in our visualization, we’ll be using some of our photos from the Toy Story Land model on display at Walt Disney Presents in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

One of the elements I really liked were the Knex fencing. First, a look at the fencing in Toy Story Playland and then the Toy Story Land model.

As you can see in the photo above of the model, the Luxo Ball makes an appearance in the upcoming Toy Story Land. As seen below, we can see it is also present in Toy Story Playland in Paris.

Another element that I think worked well was Andy’s footprint. While I think it’s a little underused in Paris, I think it will be used enough in Hollywood Studios to be more effective at representing a walking motion. First, a look at the model.

The scale of the footprint in person is massive.

We’ve actually seen the installation of a footprint from on of our aerial tours over Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Moving on, we noticed the Blue Sky Flyer that will be seen by guests in the new Toy Story Mania queue when Toy Story Land opens.

One of the elements that we were initially trying to figure out what it was representing in the Toy Story Land model was answered when we visited Toy Story Playland. These tinker toy elements are used for nighttime lighting of pathways.

Some of the tinker toy spools (or drums) are actually speakers!

As far as characters go, we saw a Buzz Lightyear figure that resembled a figure that will be placed next to Alien Swirling Saucers in Toy Story Land.

There was also a Rex figure.

A look at the model and an actual shot of Rex installed in Toy Story Land.

While the attractions are indeed different in the two lands, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the ride vehicles for┬áSlinky Dog Zigzag Spin and the upcoming Slinky Dog Dash coaster. First up is Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin.

Now a look at the model and actual ride vehicle for Slinky Dog Dash coaster coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Finally, a look at some of the Christmas string lighting that is similar to what’s currently found in Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There appears to be very thin wiring in the model that we assume will be Christmas string lighting when fully installed in Toy Story Land.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at some of the elements you’ll soon be able to find in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Toy Story Land opens Summer 2018!


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  1. Thanks for the great comparison Mike. Although the lands will be different, it’s fun to get a future glimpse of the similarities as well. Cheers.


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