Pandora – The World of Avatar is approaching its 1 year anniversary this May and work is currently underway to repaint the ground in the land. A section of ground near Na’vi River Journey is currently being repainted as a sample test before the land as a whole gets a refresh. The colors are much more vibrant than the existing ground and it appears that there is even a wider variety of colors compared to when the land opened.

The condition of the ground theming has steadily declined since the land opened. The sheer amount of foot traffic and cleaning that takes place daily has taken a toll on the paint. Here’s a look from a few weeks ago of the ground. The lack of vibrance is definitely noticeable.

Disney uses specialized UV paint to make the land come alive at night and it’s critical that the ground be constantly maintained to keep up the intended theming of the land. Here’s a look back at the ground at night when the land opened to guests last year.

We’re excited to see the care that Disney is taking with the land and will continue to update you as the project progresses.


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