Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Trading Cards Provide Map of Black Spire Outpost

    Guests who attended Star Wars Galactic Nights have been able to collect trading cards for the new land that, when pieced together, provide a map and some backstories for the Hollywood Studios expansion.

    Thanks to twitter user Nick Tierce, we have a full look at the solved map. Click on the image for a larger view.

    In addition to a map of the land, Aurebesh around the perimeter of the map has been translated to the following:

    “At the edge of the galaxy so far away, black was the spire that called me to stay, a beacon for drifters forgotten and lost, the spire summoned those broken and tossed, come stay here forever or just pass on through, the spirit of the black spire will forever change you”

    Some of the landmarks described in the map are:

    • Savi’s Path
    • Ancient Ruins – Remains of an ancient settlement. Perfect hideout for the Resistence
    • Spaceport – Hando’s base of operations. He’s always in need of a crew
    • Black Spire Station – Salju will help you find the part that you need (likely a gift shop)
    • Docking Bay 7: Food and Cargo – Food freighters come and go with tasty fare
    • Smuggler’s Ally/Cantina – Local watering hole. Try the Blurrgfire
    • Docking Bay 9 – Stay clear! First Order Troopers spotted…
    • Saka Homestead – Find Blue Milk at Bantha Tracks in the marketplace
    • Merchant Row (likely another gift shop)

    Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in late-Fall 2019.

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