There’s a whole new galaxy coming to Epcot, and guests can’t miss it. Steel continues to rise from the ground on a plot of land northeast of Spaceship Earth. The new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster construction looms over Epcot, teasing a new and different future for the park. When finished, the Guardians of the Galaxy show building will stand some 130 feet tall and house “one of the longest enclosed roller coasters in the world“. For now, two walls have been installed near where the roller coaster will exit the former Energy Pavilion and enter the gravity building. Let’s take a look.

Outside of the Park

Guests get their first glimpse of the construction from the Epcot parking lot.

A similar angle from the monorail.

Just past bag check, you can see how the building will change the landscape. Keep in mind that this is just one corner of the building. In all, 5% of the total structure is vertical.

Riding the monorail provides the best look at the work taking place.

Here’s a wider view from the monorail, looking east from the Epcot entrance. In the first photo, you can see Spaceship Earth and the Energy Pavilion framed in the right half of the picture.

The grey building to the right of the construction is the Energy Pavilion. It’s in this grey building that guests will find an elaborate queue as well as load the roller coaster before being sent into the building under construction for the majority of the ride. First, a look at the permit, highlighted to show the Energy Pavilion (blue), launch tunnel (red), and gravity building currently under construction (green).

Inside the Park

Once inside the park, the work is still visible, but somewhat limited. These first few photos come from in front of the Energy Pavilion and Wonders of Life Pavilion, respectively. There’s no doubt that unless Disney adds to the top of the Energy Pavilion, guests will be able to see the show building.

A view from the monorail, as we pass the Energy Pavilion.

Moving towards World Showcase, we can still see the structure from near The Odyssey.

A wide view from across World Showcase Lagoon frames the construction with Spaceship Earth. With just the far left side of the structure started, we can expect it to grow towards the tall crane over the coming months.

The construction is pretty much visible from most of the countries that look north across World Showcase Lagoon.

With only a small portion of the exterior wall built and a height that will dominate the Epcot skyline, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, Disney will do to try and hide the show building from guests.

Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled to open by 2021.


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