A Disney spokesperson has confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that the Disney Skyliner gondola cabins will not have air conditioning. Thanks to photos of the gondola cabins in-person, the fact that they would not have air conditioning had moved past a rumor or speculation and bordered on confirmation, until today.

We first got a good look at a Disney Skyliner gondola in the Hollywood Studios station back in September. There was a noticeable lack of space for an air conditioning unit on the top of the gondola.

Last week, we got an even closer look at the model of gondola cabin coming to Walt Disney World at IAAPA. Again, we were able to see the passive ventilation system in full display on the show floor.

That leads us to today, and a quote provided to the Orlando Sentinel. A Disney spokesperson said that the cabins were “specifically tailored to provide a comfortable ride for our guests in the Florida climate”. The spokesperson went on to describe the passive ventilation system that we talked about in our IAAPA post from last week.

Disney has stated that the Disney Skyliner gondola system will be operational in Fall 2019.



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