PHOTOS: Preparations Underway to Install Cables at Hollywood Studios Disney Skyliner Station

Guests visiting Hollywood Studios can now see the first bits of preparation for the cable installation on the Disney Skyliner system. A thin wire can be seen traveling from the Hollywood Studios Disney Skyliner station through the parking lot. The wire is believed to be an electrical wire to connect the system.

Here’s a look at the wire as it passes through some of the towers in the parking lot.

Under each tower in the parking lot is some material that appears to be scaffolding. It’s believed that Disney is installing these below the wires as an additional safety precaution for the cars underneath.

A closer look at the Disney Skyliner station shows that the wire isn’t actually installed onto the station itself, but simply strung from the end of a spool.

The Disney Skyliner system is expected to be operational by mid-2019.

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