PHOTOS: First Theming Element Installed at The NBA Experience in Disney Springs

We made it out to Disney Springs this morning to find that the first theming element has been installed at The NBA Experience. First, a look at the concept art and what we can expect to find this Summer at Disney Springs.

Here’s a look at the first of many theming pieces to be installed to make the building look and feel like an NBA arena.

It looks like the supports that the theming elements will be anchored to have already been installed on the building.

Here’s a closer look at the installation.

From straight on, we can see the faint outline of a basketball player.

This specific section of the building will actually be the City Works Bar and Grill. Not much progress can be seen since we last visited.

The front of the structure is still pretty nondescript, but we expect that the next few months will see a lot of exterior work.

Taking a step further back, you can see the full structure and it’s size relative to Cirque du Soleil at the end of the walkway.

A windy few days has lead to a bit of the tarp peeling back, revealing that the tall panes of glass have been installed.

The NBA Experience is set to open this summer at Disney Springs.

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