As work on the Disney Skyliner gondola system continues, we made it out to the Riviera Resort station to find the first decorative elements being installed.

First, let’s take an overview look at the station. The station is situated to the north of the Aruba buildings at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and to the west of Disney’s Riviera Resort.

A closer look reveals decorative elements have been installed on the part of the station that will receive the gondolas as they enter and exit.

And an even closer look reveals a “hidden” Minnie in the decorative elements. You can just make out the design of her bow. This is the section of station that connects to Epcot.

The line that connects to Hollywood Studios also has the same decorative elements, but this time it’s a Hidden Mickey! We love the detailing going on here and can’t wait to see more as additional stations are finished.

The Disney Skyliner gondola system will open in Fall 2019.



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