PHOTOS: TRON Roller Coaster Construction Update (2/17/2019)

After the disappointment of the Hei Hei Cone Dole Whip not being available this morning, we decided to jump on the PeopleMover before the afternoon crowds to get an updated look at the TRON roller coaster construction site from inside Magic Kingdom. The past few looks we took at the site have been from atop The Contemporary. While that’s a great view, it was time to get some updated photos from ground-level.

Here’s the current view from the PeopleMover. The tower crane is completely constructed now and being used occasionally to move non-track elements. The construction of this tower crane all but confirms that we’ll see the track constructed first and the show building after. Certainly more exciting than the Guardians of the Galaxy construction project.

This is a look at the area that use to be a walkway with mature oaks. Now, the whole area has been leveled to create an expanded walkway to the TRON roller coaster, which will be set back by the tower crane.

Here’s a closer look at the former walkway dead end. For a look back, we have an entire post with photos and a full walk through just before the area closed.

As we approach Space Mountain on the PeopleMover, we can see that the berm and all of the trees that use to hide the backstage plot that TRON will sit on have been removed.

Here’s a closer look at the tower crane and the part of the foundation that has already been poured. For a better look at the foundation pour, check out the aerial photos posted in our previous story.

Here’s a final look from the PeopleMover at the tower crane installed next to Space Mountain.

The next few photos come from the Barnstormer queue. Earlier today, we posted a look at the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station from on the Barnstormer ride. There isn’t a lot to see from this angle yet, but the side of Space Mountain has been exposed with the removal of the last trees from the old perimeter berm.

Space Mountain will definitely need a good cleaning and a coat of paint before TRON opens.

Finally, here’s a last look at the old perimeter canal before it is filled in completely and leveled. The removal of this canal has prompted Disney to expand a pond to the south of Space Mountain to remain in compliance with existing wetland agreements with the state of Florida.

The TRON roller coaster is scheduled to open at Magic Kingdom in time for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary in 2021.

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