Jet Skis to be Used for “Epcot Forever” Illuminations Replacement Show

Some new details about nighttime entertainment were recently posted to blooloop. In the article, we get some new information about Epcot Forever, the interim nighttime show coming to World Showcase Lagoon when Illuminations permanently ends at the end of this summer.

Epcot Forever will feature music that will celebrate the past of Epcot as Disney prepares for its future with an all-new show coming in 2020. As part of the show, Disney will employ “special effects-enabled kites” that will be capable of aerial choreography. The illuminated kites will be controlled by multiple two-man teams aboard “Jet Ski-like” watercraft. There will be eight Jet Skis in total, with a driver and kite performer on each watercraft. The Jet Skis are needed to keep the kites aloft.

It’s interesting that Disney chose this route over drones, which are being widely used in the entertainment industry and were even in use at Disney Springs for the holiday season in 2016.

Disney will use both “One Little Spark” and “Magic Journeys” in the Epcot Forever nighttime show.

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