PHOTOS: Massive Magic Kingdom Transportation and Ticket Center Refurbishment Underway

If you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom soon, you’ll have a longer walk from the parking lot tram drop off to the Monorail or Ferryboat.

Walls are up around the parking lot tram drop off area as improvements are made to the arrival experience. Cast Members indicated to us that the refurbishment will be roughly seven months long, but could always last longer. Work to be completed will be a road repaving and a shaded parking lot tram structure. The work was described to us as a “much needed facelift” for the arrival experience. Let’s take a look around.

We start out in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, where two temporary tram drop off areas have been constructed – one for the Villains lot and one for the Heroes lot.

First up is the Villains lot drop off, which is located next to the handicap parking area and in front of the preferred parking lot. Here’s a look at the temporary drop off from the monorail as we approached the TTC.

From the ground, ample signage as well as Cast Members will direct you not only to the correct tram drop off area, but will also be able to help you find your way to bag check.

Next up is the Heroes temporary drop off area. Again, we take to the monorail to give you a good view from the air. This drop off is located in front of the Aladdin lot.

Again, enough signage has been put in place to help you find your way.

Because both of these drop off points are still technically on the parking lot side of the Seven Seas Drive bridge, guests walk in the old tram lane to get to bag check.

Half of the tram lane is behind walls, ready for a repaving.

Near bag check, the tram drop off area is behind walls, with more fencing being installed this afternoon.

Here’s a look at the walk to bag check from both the ground and the air.

A look at the opposite side of the image above shows that crews are in the process of installing more fencing and preparing the lane dividers for removal.

With such a considerable portion of the walkway behind fencing and with Easter crowds swarming in, bag check was understandably busy this morning. Plan on it being more crowded than usual going forward as a result of the work.

As a reminder, Cast Members estimate that this project could last into the 2019 holiday season, so please be prepared for a little bit more walking when visiting Magic Kingdom this year.

As always, keep checking back with as we continue to provide you with the latest updates on this and many more projects from around Disney Parks.

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