Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicle on Display at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago

    The Rise of the Resistance ride vehicle is on display for attendees of Star Wars Celebration in Chicago this weekend. Guests are able to hop aboard the First Order Fleet Transport ride vehicle for a photo op while at the convention. Twitter user @traceyheinrichs posted the below photos.

    Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the actual ride vehicles. We last saw them thanks to a photo from inside the attraction, taken by the Disneyland Test and Adjust team.

    For the latest look at the construction progress on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, check out our recent aerial tour of the construction site.

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    1. Isn’t that the cars from the Great Movie Ride they just closed? Looks the same with a new coat of paint and bucket seats added. And they are a tad shorter. But where the little robot is, is where the guide used to stand? Guess they were recycled for this new ride. I guess it better to reuse them then just toss them out.
      I know they need to make new rides and all, but I think Hollywood Studios is losing it’s Hollywood Charm. We go to Disney because it’s different then all other amusement parks. It’s definitely the most Family friendly and safe. Adults, Grand parents, children can all ride the same rides. It is what Walt Disney wanted. Now the Imagineers are going a little off course, the rides are getting too adult and crazy. I don’t think Walt would like the direction they are going. I especially know the Walt Disney would not like what they did to his Beloved Mouse. The new Stick Figure cheap TV version of Mickey & crew would turn his stomach, bet he would be very angry. Would love to ask animator why Goofy now looks like a homeless bum with flies around him? Who’s idea was that? It’s creepy. He actually looks perverted. Sorry got off track.

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