Expansive Entrance Overhaul Project Begins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There’s a new arrival experience on the horizon for Disney’s Animal Kingdom and construction began this morning. Just like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios before it, we’ll see a modified tram drop off area soon. All of this work is in an effort to move bag check further from the main entrance to the park and provide for a smoother arrival experience for guests visiting in the future. We brought you a first look at the permit detailing the changes back in late February. Here’s an overview of that permit for reference.

Ok, with that knowledge, let’s take a look around!

We’ll start with our walk towards the main entrance from the parking lot early this morning. Two sets of walls are up, but don’t affect the route of the tram just yet. It looks like a little more construction needs to take place at what will be the new tram u-turn area.

Walking to the right from the image above, we find ourselves in the handicap lot and ride share drop off area. Both are unaffected as of right now.

Construction crews were out taking photos of the start of the project this morning too

The ride share drop off and pickup point is down to one lane, but is still operating like normal.

The sidewalk is marked up, ready for more construction.

Only 3/4 of the fence seen above is enclosed. Work hasn’t started just yet beyond the fence. While today was the start of the project, it’s the part where areas are designated as construction zones, not the part with shovels in the ground.

A wider (reverse) look at the modified walkway. This new slab of concrete was poured in the last couple of days. In the photo below, the tram drop off area would be to our right and ride share/handicap lot straight ahead.

Here’s a closer look at the wall, with ride share to the left and a walkway back to the parking lot to the right.

In additon to the walls, survey equipment was in use this morning on all sides of the current team drop off area.

As always, keep checking back with BlogMickey.com for the latest on this project and many more from around the Disney Parks!

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