More Spires and New Look Revealed for Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

    It seems like we get a new look at Sleeping Beauty Castle every day as Disney slowly unwraps the iconic centerpiece for Disneyland Park. Just last week we took a closer look at the new, seemingly brighter paint scheme for the brickwork around the Fantasyland courtyard and more. Today, we have an updated look at more of the spires unveiled thanks to our friends at Try Everything Daily on Instagram.

    We’ll start with a look at Sleeping Beauty Castle from July 2018, about 6 months before the work began.

    Next, let’s take a look at the concept art of what Disney is hoping the final product will look like.

    Ok, let’s take a look at Sleeping Beauty Castle during a bit of an overcast day today at Disneyland.

    As we get closer, we can see that gold stars have been painted onto the central roof.

    Walking to the rear of the castle, we see more spires revealed since our last look. From the front, we first thought it looked more purple than pink. From the back, it looks like we are certainly looking at two or three different colors. It remains to be seen how these colors present themselves on a sunny California day.

    Even some of the seating areas around Sleeping Beauty Castle have received a fresh coat of paint.

    At this pace, it seems like we could see the full Sleeping Beauty Castle reveal in the coming days. It should be looking great for the influx of guests looking to visit the park this summer for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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