PHOTOS: Smoking Ban and Stroller Restrictions Now in Place at Walt Disney World

Just like in Disneyland, there are new rules in place at Walt Disney World. The new rules include a complete ban on smoking within the park and new stroller size restrictions. We visited a few parks today to see how it compared to Disneyland.

The first difference we noticed was the lack of stroller size check mats. We spoke with Guest Relations who said that they currently do a “visual check” and have a tape measure for any strollers that look like they might be over the limit. Like Disneyland, guests are handed pamphlets outlining the changes.

There is also signage at the entrances that outline some of the changes.

Here’s a look at what My Disney Experience lists as smoking areas. We checked the one at Magic Kingdom and it was incorrectly listed as outside of bag check, even though we found a location inside of bag check near the resort boat launches.

Even though the app lists the smoking location as near the bus loop, we found it to be inside of bag check. It’s possible that there might be a location both inside and outside of bag check where there is space. This location at Magic Kingdom is still in a very popular area, so it’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Inside of the park, there is signage to let guests know that smoking is banned within the park.

For more on the recent rule changes, check out our post and the Disney Rules FAQ.

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