REVIEW: Lightsaber Churros at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’re up bright and early for the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we found some Lightsaber Churros near the entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Lightsaber Churro – $5.89

Well, I’ll start with the good news. The good news is that these are sold on Grand Avenue, near the entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That means you’ll have a wonderful backdrop of the Millennium Falcon! Now the bad news. These are still Walt Disney World churros. Despite ours being served warm, the texture was still hard and nowhere near as good as a Disneyland churro. If, however, you like Walt Disney World churros, you’ll find that these are no different than what you can find around property, with the exception of the fun colors and wrapper.

You can find the churros at the stand on Grand Avenue, but act fast, these are only available until May 5th!

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