RUMOR: Wi-Fi to be Added to Buses at Walt Disney World Resort

    Are you looking to stay connected at all times during your next Walt Disney World vacation? Good news, as sources have indicated to us that Disney is beginning the process of adding Wi-Fi to their fleet of buses. With Walt Disney World being such an international destination, Disney has wanted to bring Wi-Fi to their buses for some time now to help guests continue to plan and adjust their vacation via the My Disney Experience app who might have poor or no cellular signal. Disney already has free Wi-Fi in their Theme Parks and Resorts.

    Our sources indicated that there is already active work to bring the Wi-Fi support to the buses, and that Disney should roll out the changes sometime later this year.

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    1. […] Blog Mickey reported on a rumor that wireless internet access could be coming to the bus system. The new system could be coming to the buses as early as later this year. This would be a nice feature for guests with limited or no cellular signal, especially international guests, to use the My Disney Experience app to plan their day. – […]

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