Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Datapad App – All Unlockable Equipment Options

    The Play Disney Parks app will be your connection to everything around you on your upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge visit. Disney has often touted the fact that the land itself will act as an attraction and the Star Wars Datapad will help you explore all there is to find in Black Spire Outpost. As part of our final week of coverage before the new land opens, we wanted to provide an exhaustive list of the profile equipment options to unlock. This includes all outfits, weapons, cargo, and parts and scraps.

    A special thanks to our allies on Batuu for getting this information transmitted to us so we can give you an exclusive early look!


    There are 13 outfits to unlock as you progress through your adventure. Here’s a look at all of the outfits we know about and their descriptions. We’ve even included images, where available.

    Batuu Villager Outfit 1, 2, 3

    There are three villager outfits to unlock, and all share the same description.

    Local Batuuan garments are created in a variety of fabrics and fits to allow the wearer to select the pieces they find most comfortable and flattering for their own body type. These pieces can be styled in countless ways: tops left untucked or tucked in, sleeves down or rolled up, belts threaded through the belt loops on the pants or worn over a shirt or tunic. There are also optional accessories to further personalize each outfit, including scarves, necklaces, hats, and a versatile pouch.

    Embo-style Outfit

    This high tech armor includes a wide brimmed hat that serves a multitude of functions including a use as a throwin weapon, shield, or even a sled to ride down hill on snowy planets.

    Jawa Outfit

    A simple cloth robe that shields the wearers face.

    Smuggler Outfit 1

    Standard issue ground crew outfit for employees of Ohnake Transport Solutions.

    Mon Calamari Outfit

    Mon Calamari officers wear an amphibious armor that allows them to seamlessly move between land and sea. A custom helmet provides protection for their elongated head while maintaining efficient underwater hydrodynamics.

    First Order Outfit

    First Order officers receive a standard issue outfit and cap. Each outfit has slots to holster rank cylinders and are colored according to rank.

    Boushh Outfit

    Favored by bounty hunters this all leather armor is paired with a helmet with built in speech scrambler and targeting laser.

    Praetorian Guard Armor

    Praetorian Guard armor is designed specifically to conceal the identity of the wearer. The layered armor is impregnated with conductive wirepaths that create an intense local magnetic field. The flared composite helmet features additional magnetic field conductors.

    Stormtrooper Armor

    Standard issue stormtrooper armor includes 18 white plastoid composite armor plates over a flexible black fabric for mobility. Each helmet has an onboard visual processor, integrated comlink, and two artificial air supply hoses.

    Leather Armor

    Favored by bounty hunters this all leather armor is paired with a helmet with built in speech scrambler and targeting laser.

    Marauder Armor

    An outfit of unknown origins includes a mask with chromed visor designed to mask the wearers identity while intimidating onlookers. The body armor features a built in Vocoder chest box and comlink unit that allows communications, but also makes the wearers voice unidentifiable.

    More outfits will be unlockable once Rise of the Resistance opens later this year. We have a super-early look at two of those outfits (without images).

    Resistance Ground Forces Outfit

    The versatile Resistance ground forces outfit is made to withstand a variety of atmospheric environments. It features a weatherproof insulated jacket, a convertible high collar hood, and optional multi-mag tactical ammunition pouch harness.

    Resistance Flight Uniform

    Resistance pilots are outfitted with flight uniforms to protect them from the variety of harsh environments they might encounter while in flight. Each uniform includes a FreiTek life support unit, an Insulated flight helmet, and an inflatable life vest.


    There are 9 unlockable weapons to accessorize with. On a planet like Batuu and a place like Black Spire Outpost, you never know who you might run into, or who might be looking to run into you. Always best to have a weapon.

    We have the name and descriptions of every unlockable item, including photos where available.

    Z-6 Jetpack

    The Z-6 jetpack is the preferred jetpack of Mandalorian commandos across the galaxy. They are fast and nimble and can maintain sustained flight as well as short bursts for tactical advantages in combat. The jetpacks could be equipped with a top loaded rocket firing missile.

    T-47 Airspeeder Harpoon Gun

    Incom outfits each of its T-47 airspeeders with a rear facing harpoon gun outfitted with a heavy-duty towing cable. This is the primary weapon of the tail gunner.

    NN-14 Blaster Pistol

    The NN-14 blaster pistol features a compact grip for small hands, but features an enlarged power core and reinforced frame packing a sturdy, but respectable punch.

    Concussion Disc

    A common low-profile handheld explosive device.

    DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

    DL-44s are accurate, highly reliable, and easily modifiable, which made them a go-to weapon for military personnel, bounty hunters, and smugglers. DL-44s are capable of firing charges powerful enough to blow through reinforced body armor.

    F-11D Blaster Rifle

    The F-11D blaster rifle is a modern upgrade to the antiquated E-11 Blaster Rifle. This new weapon boasts precision manufacture, rugged designs, and more efficient energy cells for greater battlefield accuracy, ammunition yields, and operational lifespan.

    Standard Features:
    Adjustable J29 electroscope
    Magnatomic adhesion grip with integrated power feed indicator
    Collapsing steadying grip.

    Gaderffi Stick


    The bowcaster is a traditional Wookiee weapon. Each bowcaster is hand-crafted on Kashyyyk according to ancient methods to be more powerful and accurate than traditional blasters and fire a metal quarrel encased in plasma energy.

    Imperial E-11 Blaster Rifle

    BlasTech’s E-11 Blaster Rifle was the weapon of choice and standard issue for the Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire. Equipped with telescopic sights, adjustable stocks, and a high powered, red colored plasma blast. The E-11 Blaster has been replaced with a new standard issue, the Sonn-Blas F-11D.

    7-PrG Proton Grenade

    The Merr-Sonn 7-PrG proton grenade was a handheld explosive designed for razing structures. It features a twist timer and magnetic mounting array at the base for quick attachment to a target.


    While traveling the streets of Batuu, you can never have too much cargo! Whether its food portions for you or a Loth Cat, medical equipment or even plush toys, you never know what you might need next. Here’s a list of unlockable items, including photos where available.

    Food Portion Packs

    These rations of ready to eat dehydrated food are primarily found in survival packages, but often distributed as payment to scavengers.

    Gaming Kit

    This kit of gaming accessories includes dice, chance cubes, sabaac cards, and other gaming paraphernalia.

    Loth Cat Chow

    Loth Cat Chow is the highest quality food for domestic loth cats.

    Sewing Thread

    Simple thread used for sewing outfits and apparel.


    Condiments for various meals.

    Salvage Cleaning Kit

    This kit of universal cleaning parts contains a variety of tools for sanitization of scrap from crashed ships.

    Neuro-Saav TE4.4 Field Quadnoculars

    These high-resolution image enhancers feature 4 precision lenses. They are effective at viewing long range targets even in the dead of night.

    A99 Aquata Breather

    The A99 Aquata Breather is a compact device that allows the user to breath in otherwise unbreathable atmosphere. It operates underwater, in toxic air, and even in a vacuum.

    Medical Equipment Bags

    Bags of various medical supplies.


    Innocuous spice used for adding flavor to various foods.

    Plush Toys

    Handcrafted toys sold by the Toydarian Toymaker.

    Parts and Scraps

    The final part of the equipment section of your Star Wars Datapad is the Parts and Scraps section. There are over 20 scraps and parts to collect and trade. We’ve provided a full list of the items as well as photos, where available.

    Kyber Crystals – Blue, Red, Green, and Purple

    At the heart of every Jedi lightsaber is a kyber crystal found on several planets, most notably the icebound caves of Ilum. The crystal is attuned to the Force, and connected to a Jedi Knight on a deeply personal level making the lightsaber an extension of a Jedi’s Force awareness. A red kyber crystal has been corrupted or ‘bled’ from its original form to turn this color. Purple is a rare color of crystal.

    MSE-6 Series “Mouse Droid” Casing

    The MSE-6 series is frequently used to communicate messages that are meant to be kept off network. As a result, they have been designed with a magnetically shielded casing to repel any would-be hackers from gaining access to sensitive information.

    DUM-series Pit droid Class 2 Heads

    Pit droid heads feature a metal plated to protect against falling parts as well as a monocular photoreceptor with micro focus allowing them to see and repair tiny details on malfunctioning equipment.

    RA-7 Personal Servant Droid Arm

    Additional arm units for an RA-7 personal servant droid. Includes powerbus linkage cable with reinforced retainer connector.

    Tracer Beacon

    The tracer beacon is used to discreetly keep tabs on people and ships that don’t want to be found. They are capable of relaying location information across the galaxy with minimal latency.

    Droid Holoprojector

    The astromech single color holoprojector is responsible for mobile recording and displaying of holograms with minimal distortion.

    Vaporator Blades

    Moisture vaporator blades are a critical component for harvesting moisture from wind and must be replaced frequently due to high levels of rust.

    Magnetic Field Condenser

    Magnetic field condensers are commonly found in field survival kits. Feeding off a local magnetic field, they produce and emit heat through a series of radiator bulbs.

    Computer Probe Arm (R-unit)

    Enclosed within an astromech’s durasteel body are tools for nearly any situation. The computer probe arm is used to provide direct access to computer and starship databanks.

    Carbon Chisel

    The carbon chisel is a simple tool used for scraping leftover carbon scorching from various objects.

    Osteo Fragmenter

    This interrogation tool is designed to extract information from a captive prisoner.

    Security Enhanced Comlink

    This state-of-the-art comlink allows the user to communicate over extended ranges and through variable frequencies. It encrypts each message before transmittal.

    Diatium Power Core

    These data storage units can store large amounts of encrypted video data and records.

    Hang Glider

    This hang glider was invented by the Ewoks for warfare, but has become a common vehicle for thrill seekers to explore remote regions of planets.

    Data Chip

    These data storage units can store large amounts of encrypted video data and records.

    First Order Binders

    Durable wrists restraints used for prisoner containment

    AT-AT Targeting Computer

    This replacement part is key piece of computing equipment is responsible for the targeting calculations of an AT-AT.

    Star Destroyer Capacitor Bearing

    A critical piece to the hyperdrive of a Star Destroyer class ship.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this exclusive look at the Star Wars Datapad within the Play Disney Parks App. We’ll have even more for you, so make sure you keep checking back with as we continue our Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge coverage and more!

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