A new pop-up shop is open in Toy Story Land featuring merchandise from Toy Story 4 as a way to celebrate the release of the film. More specifically, the store is located at the exit to Toy Story Mania.

We made it out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios today and after checking out the newly renamed Epic Eats, we went to check out the Toy Story pop-up shop for ourselves.

The store is impossible to miss, situated at the only exit to Toy Story Mania. As a matter of fact, we saw many guests entering the store, looking for either an on-ride photo or the exit. It seems to get a lot of foot traffic either by accident or, more seldomly, intentionally. If you want to visit the pop-up shop without having to first ride Toy Story Mania, you’re able to walk backwards up the exit to get to the shop.

Once inside, the space is sparsely themed, but does offer a wide variety of merchandise.

Toy Story photo-op wall

While the store has been referred to by Disney as a pop-up shop, Cast Members that we spoke with weren’t aware of an end date. It’s likely that this store will at least be open through the summer, if not longer.


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