Today marks the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live at Epcot, and with it, some out-of-this-world eats. There are two spots to find your Guardians of the Galaxy-themed food and drink – Liberty Inn and Fife & Drum. We start today with Liberty Inn, which features some nondescript named items such as the Space Sandwich, Cosmic Cake, and more. Let’s dive in and see what you should get on your visit to Epcot this summer!

Space Sandwich – $10.99

Barbecued Pork Sandwich topped with crispy Onions served on a Brioche Bun

We start with the Space Sandwich. First impressions are…something. There’s probably too much dye on the top that makes it look like mold instead of something interstellar. That said, the underside of the bun is fantastic and is what the top of the bun should look like. It’s too bad they couldn’t perfect this, because it had potential to be the most fun and colorful item here.

As for the taste, the onion straws add a very nice crunch. The pork is the same as the awesome mix plate below – soft, with a wonderfully sweet BBQ flavor. If you’re looking for more of the pork (and you should be), you’ll find more in the loaded Awesome Mix Plate below.

Awesome Mix Plate – $11.99

French Fries topped with Barbecue Pulled Pork, Macaroni & Cheese, Bacon Pieces, and Lettuce

Next up is the Awesome Mix Plate. Note that this is called a “plate” because it’s so much more than just your average loaded fries offering. The Awesome Mix Plate was served hot and loaded with Mac and Cheese and the pork that we liked so much from the Space Sandwich. The portion size here is excellent, definitely enough to be an easily shareable dish.

Again, we can’t get enough of this pork! The fact that it’s combined with a creamy Mac and Cheese makes it a winner. We didn’t find that the bacon added a lot to this dish, but the few bites you do get are enjoyable.

Cosmic Cake – $4.99

Filled with Vanilla Buttercream and Space Sprinkles

For dessert, Liberty Inn is offering the Cosmic Cake. The cake itself is a bit dry, but the ganache and chocolate exterior save it and make it a balanced texture. Once you cut into the cake, purple and blue frosting is revealed as well as pink, purple, and white sprinkles! If you’re looking for a fun, chocolate dessert, we can recommend the cosmic cake.

Rocket Fuel – $5.49

Frozen Coke® Slushy with Grenadine

Finally, we get to the themed drink – the Rocket Fuel. We’re including two photos, one of the drink as it was served across the counter to us, and one of how it settled. While a Coke slushy is typically refreshing and a safe bet, the grenadine separated quite quickly, creating a pool of it at the bottom of the drink. If you’re going to drink this the second it’s handed to you, it’s likely a decent drink, but if you’re going to enjoy it over the course of a meal, you might as well pass.

We head outdoors to the Fife & Drum kiosk for the rest of the review, which consists of drinks and a tart.

Mix Tart – $5.00

This strawberry-filled tart is a nice, thick tart. It may seem like a Pop Tart at first, but they’re very different. This tart is thicker, softer, and less sweet than a normal Pop Tart. That all amounts to a wonderful treat that can accompany any drink at Fife & Drum. The edible paper on top offers little resistance when eating, which is nice. It’s very strawberry-forward, but in a fruity way, not overly sweet. We can recommend this treat.

Awesome Mix Slushy – $8.25

Layers of Frozen Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Lemonade with a souvenir Glow Cube

The Awesome Mix Slushy is a really fun combination of drinks. Most of the flavor comes from the strawberry and blue raspberry, causing the regular lemonade flavor to drown out a bit. So if you’re a fan of blue raspberry and strawberry, you’ll enjoy this drink!

The souviner glow cube is buried in the drink, but present. We imagine this will be a fun drink to have after sunset.

Destroyer Punch – $5.00

Orange, Pineapple and Lime Juices with Grenadine

The Destroyer Punch is very refreshing! It has a tropical tastes like a Bahama mama minus the alcohol. The lime punches through the orange and pineapple initial flavors.

Galaxy Juice – $11

Orange, Pineapple and Lime Juices with Grenadine and Red Stag Cherry Bourbon

The Galaxy Juice is simply the alcoholic version of the Destroyer Punch. It offers a touch of cherry, hidden behind the pineapple and lime. It’s probably not strong enough to warrent the $11 price tag, but it is certainly refreshing.

I Am Root – $5.25/$11

Barq’s® Root Beer Float with Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream and Mint Leaves

I. AM. ROOT! We find ourselves face-to-mint leaf with a fairly standard Root Beer float. That is to say, it’s wonderful. The real winner here is the alcoholic version, which greets you with a Stoli Vanilla Vodka and, unlike the Galaxy Juice, does change the drink for the better! The vanilla pairs nicely with the Root Beer and makes the $11 price tag here worth it! We might see Baby Groot at the Awesome Mix Live concert nearby, but the I Am Root version with vodka is all grown up.

Note that the alcoholic version is served in a regular cup, which may not be as “fun”, but that doesn’t really matter too much in the end.


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