The extremely popular “Batuuan Spira”, or Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disney gift card is back in stock in Disneyland. Our friends at Discover the Magic on Instagram made the trip out to Batuu to find that the Resistance Supply had received a new shipment from off planet of the hot ticket items.

As a reminder, the gift card works just like a normal Disney Gift Card, but it does require a minimum $100 activation. The gift card is made of metal and made to look like a heavily used credit, passed around the galaxy before finally finding a home in your hands.

There have been a couple of items that have sold out in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge such as the Rancor Teeth Beer Flight, Droid backpacks, and even the Sabacc card game, but the most unexpected had to have been a gift card…of all things.

The Batuuan Spira returned to Batuu today, and there is no telling how popular they will be this time around, or if they’ll sell out again.

If you’re looking for Resistance Supply, head to the Resistance forest and you’ll be able to find it near the entrance to the yet-to-open Rise of the Resistance attraction.


  1. I just received Batuuan Spira giftcard from a friend. Would you happen to know how to add funds to it? Do I need to go to the Disneyland to upload funds or can I do it online? I’ve been searching around online but can’t seem to find any specifics. Thank you.

  2. You can add funds by presenting the Batuuan giftcard to practically any vendor at Disneyland or Disneyworld. Not sure you can add funds online.


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