The newest restaurant at Walt Disney World is now open in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion. Takumi-Tei, which means house of the artisan, can be found on the first floor of the Japan Pavilion, tucked away to the right of the Mitsukoshi shopping store. After spotting the walls down earlier today and reporting of its imminent opening, the restaurant is now open to guests!

The exterior is rather unassuming, but the signature dining location opens quite nicely once you step inside.

Here’s a quick look around the interior of Takumi-Tei. The venue is split into five different rooms, based on the elements of nature. Here’s how Disney describes the restaurant:

Like a flower that blooms in the springtime, Takumi-Tei celebrates moments of perfection in nature through Japanese art. Each room tells the story of a natural element – from water, wood, or earth, to stone and washi paper – and features beautiful, handcrafted works of art just waiting to be discovered.

Paper Room
Stone Room
Stone Room bar
Earth Room
Wood Room
Wood Room
Water Room
Water Room

Takumi-Tei Menu

We’ll have a full review of our dining experience tomorrow. We elected for the Omakase Tasting Menu and there are some highlights and lowlights on the menu that we’ll discuss thoroughly to help you decide if Takumi-Tei should make your restaurant shortlist for your next Walt Disney World visit!


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