The maintenance refurbishment at Tower of Terror is now complete, according to Cast Members working the attraction.

We visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios this morning to find that both sides were being used and that the wait time had dropped from the 80-100 minutes that we have been seeing down to a more manageable 40 minutes.

Work started earlier this summer and led to the operational capacity of the attraction being cut in half as work took place on one of two drop shafts. During the work, not only was the amount of guests able to experience the attraction halved, but so was the amount of FastPass+ entitlements. That made Tower of Terror a more difficult FastPass+ to secure than it normally is. If you plan on visiting soon, note that Cast Members said that maintenance might need to take over a drop shaft occasionally, but that they were told that for all intents and purposes the refurbishment has been completed. Of course, this “refurbishment” has been a bit unique in the sense that the attraction didn’t have to completely shut down for work to be done during park hours. It’s for this reason that finding the exact end date for the work has been difficult. Either way, both drop shafts were in use today as you can see in the photo below with one set of doors closing as another opened.

We’re told that the work was purely maintenance related and that no changes to the ride were made. During the refurbishment, Disney only used one drop sequence, not the randomized drop sequence normally in use. The randomized sequence should be back now.

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