The Disney Skyliner haul line is a bit lower than usual this afternoon as crews work on what was described to us as a “loose, overstretched” cable. The haul line could be seen stretching across Buena Vista Drive just feet above nearby traffic lights as crews attempted to tighten a section of cable on the Riviera Resort/Epcot line.

We’re told that the line stretched a bit much during testing and that crews are taking some time before the new transportation system opens to guests to address the issue.

On the ground, crews were working on the cable in between rain storms and during gusty winds.

Disney Skyliner gondola cabins have been left on the line for days at a time in an effort to break in the system and stretch the cable. With all of the gondola cabins off of the line due to anticipated high winds from Hurricane Dorian, crews took advantage of the empty line to fix the cable.

According to crews, the cable was not lowered as a result of higher anticipated winds from Hurricane Dorian, but only for the cable tightening. The towers and cables are built to withstand windy conditions.

Disney has stated that the Disney Skyliner gondola system will open to guests on September 29th.


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