Disney Executives Share Photos From Inside Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Two Disney executives have shared photos from inside the massive hangar bay in the Star Destroyer that guests will walk through in the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction, which opens December 5, 2019 at Walt Disney World and January 17, 2020 in Disneyland.

The first photo was shared by Disney CEO Bob Iger of the Stormtrooper Audio-Animatronics that will no doubt be an intimidating presence during the attraction. The interesting part of the photo isn’t the fact that we get to see inside the hanger, because we’ve seen inside a handful of times already, but rather the Stormtrooper on the far right that has his head turned off-center compared to the rest. Of course, once we get to see some video from inside the attraction, Disney has said that the Stormtroopers won’t be static at all, but rather looking around like the single Stormtrooper on the right so as to give off a hint of believability.

A second photo comes from an Instagram post from the future President of Walt Disney World, Josh D’Amaro. This photo, perhaps more than any other released to up this point, gives us a great visual of the scale of the hangar bay. In the photo, various Cast Member costumes can be seen. Cast Members will be dressed as both Resistance fighters and First Order officers depending on which part of the attraction you’re in. Both of the photos appear to be from the Disneyland version of the attraction where executives recently were able to ride the attraction.

For a full breakdown of the attraction, keep reading.

Rise of the Resistance starts in the cave systems of Batuu, where Resistance fighters have set up a base of operations to combat the First Order troops that have recently arrived at Black Spire Outpost. The attraction begins in the Resistance forest, with guests entering the queue under a canon and into an outdoor queue that winds between trees and rockwork before entering a cave system.

Guests will be going through tunnels carved by an ancient civilization with old carvings. In the caves, guests will also pass munition supplies before coming face-to-face with Poe’s ship and ultimately boarding the Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship. Before guests board, BB-8 will greet guests in the Ready Room.

Rey will then appear as a hologram asking guests to join the Resistance and fight the First Order in a dangerous mission. The wingman for the off-planet mission will be Resistance pilot Poe Dameron. The transport ship will be piloted by an audio-animatronic Nien Nunb that will be seated in the cockpit. The ship is then cleared for take-off as the transport doors close. While carrying out the mission for the Resistance, the ship and all of the guests on board will be captured by a Star Destroyer.

Poe will leave to get backup, but while he does, you’re taken hostage by the First Order. A massive hanger with a 100-foot wide screen of outer space will immerse you in a very familiar Star Wars scene. You’ll ultimately find yourself in a holding cell, formulating a plan to escape.

After being captured by the First Order, you’ll find yourself in a massive ship where you’ll be tasked with escaping the clutches of Kylo Ren. You’ll board a trackless ride vehicle, which will serve as your main form of transportation throughout the attraction. You can see the ride vehicle as displayed at Star Wars Celebration below. The First Order Fleet Transport trackless ride vehicle to wind through a variety of scenes as you try to make it back onto a friendly ship that can help you return safely to Batuu. Poe will arrive just in time with other Resistance fighters to help you escape and make it back to Black Spire Outpost.

The whole experience is going to culminate in one of the most ambitious and immersive attractions ever built by Imagineering.

Just a few reminders:

  • According to Disney, Rise of the Resistance will follow in the operational footsteps of Smugglers Run and it will not offer any FastPasses when it opens. This applies to both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World version of the attractions, as the answer shows up on each of the respective FAQ sections.
  • Rise of the Resistance will have a minimum height requirement of 40″.
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